Donald Trump and World War 3

I have seen a lot of articles written about Donald Trump starting World War 3, and I couldn't help but to throw in my two cents. For those who know me, I have been warning of World War 3 for the past couple of years. I believe World Was 3 is just over the horizon, and is in fact the 6th trumpet from the book of Revelation. With the conflict in the Middle East expanding throughout the world through the 'refugee crisis', the rise of ISIS, and the ever-increasing tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the world is just waiting for the spark that will ignite this tinderbox of global conflicts and consume the world in another world war. I believe that we will witness World War 3 during Donald Trump's term as president, but not for the reasons many are claiming.

Donald Trump is the globalists worst fear. He has had a consistent message of nationalism over globalism going back about 30 years. The political elite cannot stand him. They have a plan for global domination, and they want to see their plan materialize. America has been sold out to the globalists who wish to setup a world government, and these people do not have America's best interest at heart. That's why we constantly witness policies that are detrimental to America no matter which party is in the White House.

Trump has commanded incredible support from both sides of the aisle. No matter what the government propaganda machine, known as the mainstream media, has done or said in an attempt to derail the Trump Train, he continues to draw massive support for his message. This has sent the globalists into an all-out panic as they realize that Trump might actually be elected president of the United States of America. They were hoping to fool the public again into electing one of their puppets, but this time, they might not succeed.

If Donald Trump becomes elected, this will mean very bad news for the globalists. Trump has made it very clear that he is against globalist groups and treaties because he believes that they are not good for America. He is right. Trump will be very likely to remove America from treaties and global alliances, and this will derail the plan of the elite, and they will not let this happen. I think that they will do anything to prevent their plan from being derailed, even going as far as to start world war 3. In fact, World War 3 would be in their best interest because it would help make their case for the need for a global government. Rockefeller said "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the world will accept the New World Order." You can see by this statement that they are in fact trying to setup a New World Order (a world government), and that they are looking for a major crisis to get the world to accept it. World War 3 would be the perfect 'major crisis'.

There is a pattern that we can witness in history, starting with World War 1. After years of the world being consumed by a war that killed millions of people, the governments of the world tried to eliminate the possibility that such a thing would ever happen again. They started a group called the 'League of Nations'. This was a failed attempt at a world government. Not long after World War 1, we were in yet another World War. After the death of over 45 million people, the nations decided to make another attempt at establishing a system that would serve as a World Government; the United Nations. As you can see, there is a pattern that emerges. First we have a world war, then they try to setup a global government. The theory is, if we can have a one-world government, and the only army was in the control of the one-world government, the army would not fight itself and so we would have world peace.

One must ask, if a world war that killed 8 million people, and a war that killed 45 million people both lead to the attempted formation of a world government body, then might the death of over 2 billion people produce the same result? Absolutely. I strongly believe that when Donald Trump wins the presidency, we will soon witness World War 3. I believe that the globalists will intentionally start World War 3 in a last-ditch effort to keep their plans moving forward. They will not let their plan be stopped under any circumstances. I also believe that the war will start early in his presidency because the longer he is in power, the more damage that he will do to their plan. They will need to fix this problem sooner than later.

In conclusion, be prepared for World War 3 in the near future. I absolutely believe that Trump will be the next president of the United States of America, and I believe World War 3 will happen within the next couple of years. The entire world is consumed by conflict, and any one of these conflicts could very easily break out into a world war. However, because of Bible prophecy, we know that the war will come from the Euphrates River, hence it will almost certainly have something to do with Muslims (a terrorist attack perhaps..)?

With the world in such turmoil, people may wonder if the world has gone crazy, and how they can stay safe and keep their families safe. The only true protection we will have is in Jesus Christ. If we live or if we die is of little consequence when we are covered by the blood of our Lord and Savior. However, if you are not covered by the blood, then these times can be very fearful. Jesus is our only protection, and we never know when it will be our time to go. Any one of us could wake up and get into an accident driving to or from work. He gave us the prophecies in the Bible so that we could understand the times we were living on right now. Do not go through these times, the end times, without being covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

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