Syrian crisis: Saudis and Turks prepare air, sea and land war against Assad

SAUDI Arabia appears to be preparing for a massive ground invasion of Syria, with possibly the support of the airforce of NATO member Turkey – putting Syrian President Assad on the defensive, warning both countries not to enter Syrian territory.

In recent days a number of key military initiatives have taken place both in Saudi Arabia and in Turkey which correspond with recent threats made by both countries to reverse the tide of the Syrian war, following a number of key battles won by Russian and Assad regime forces.

A contingent group of supporting countries have sent soldiers to Saudi Arabia, while both air forces of the Arab kingdom and those of Turkey have engaged in a number of manoeuvres in the air, taking off and landing at an air base in the south of the Turkey close to the Syrian border.

In recent weeks a number of tough statements have been made by Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister alluding to a ground attack.

Similar war cries have come from Turkey’s President as both countries have a lot to both gain in ousting Syria’s President Assad who in recent weeks has teased them with press statements about his longevity in the country since the war tipped in his favour with Russia helping his own regime army.

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